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Become the dragon. new works in progress

The koi dragon is one of many mythical characters in Chinese culture. Legend says that a certain koi had the strength and courage to climb a magic waterfall.When the koi reached the top exhausted, yet having reached its goal, the koi transformed into a dragon. As a young child my first early memories of art was a lady bird book called the “Magic Paint Brush” a fascinating story of a poor boy who’s paintings come to life by a magic brush given to him by a old man in his dreams, he uses the brush to help the poor but a greedy emperor wants to use it for his own bad intentions, this story is based on a Chinese folk tale It shows that goodness and kindness are rewarded over greed. After hearing this story I spent most my life drawing and painting, now i bring my drawings to life through sculpture to strengthen our sense of self so we can learn from these old magical stories and overcome our own obstacles through courage and perseverance. As the koi fish swims up the waterfall and tr…