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New Dragon Vases

Dragon vases made to replicate the texture of dragon skin, each vase is fired multiple times in a frantic and exciting fast firing
Flash of copper and traces of turquoise with green and blues can be seen

Each one is never the same making each a one of a kind
This technique is very difficult to master and taking time to develop is really rewarding, I like to push the limits and find new and exciting ways to finish my work
Magic ceramic finish made by hand on the pottery wheel
This is one of my favourite pieces photos really don't show full beauty

I also will be making dragon pots with butterflies on the lids
Irish art and ceramics
Ian Carty Sligo Ireland while working I decided not to sculpt a dragon on the ceramic piece but to leave the piece to be enchanted by the users, are to find your own means, some pieces i see Dragons in flight above a landscape